Omni Music

Omni Music

Omni Music is the label set up by Eschaton.

Eschaton is based in the midlands, UK. Having grown up with electronic music and art since the
Acid House days back in 1990, his sound encompasses a wide variety of influences, from
deep ambient soundscapes through to techno, all bound together with breaks and sub bass.
He has had various releases on Digibeat, Pinecone Moonshine, Offworld, Uncertified and Materializm, with a
whole host of releases forthcoming on Advection and Subtle Audio.

Omni Music was initially set up to showcase Eschaton’s own productions as some tracks
had no natural home on other labels, and he felt that there needed to be an avenue for these
creations. During the label’s conception he began to hear a host of amazing demos which he
felt deserved to be heard by the public and so took the decision to release other artist’s
music too. The styles on the label will vary from jungle to glitchy dnb to chilled out
downtempo tracks, the common denominator will always be deep thoughtful artistic music.

Eschaton aims to release high quality music that spans both the dark and the light, the yin and the yang.

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